Bone Broth Protein… What’s This?

As the relentless search for effective, healthy alternatives continue, another product has surfaced, and it is causing a stir within the health community. Bone broth protein is the new trendy product being introduced in the marketplace – but what is this, really?

As someone who grew up in the Caribbean I am already familiar with bone broth and some of its benefits. I remember as a kid my mom would always separate the bones from whatever meat was purchased. The bones were placed in a crock pot with vegetables, carrots, herbs, water, and other ingredients to make this amazing, nutritious soup. The aroma was breathtaking, and it tasted heavenly.

I remembered my Dad always looking forward to this dish with great expectation… and with good reason. It not only tasted great, but it also seem to give you an energy boost after a hard days work. This broth also went down well with people who were experiencing some health issues… and, it was grandma’s favorite home remedy to perk you up.

Bone broth is widely known in many cultures as an effective ‘pick me up’ – some even going as far as saying that a good broth might revive the dead. The previous statement might be a little far-fetched; however, having a bowl of a good bone broth soup does wonders to the ‘psychy.’ It is normally consumed hot, so if a little scotch bonnet pepper is added, it can really wake you up.

Unlike many of the new natural products that are being introduced in the marketplace on a regular basis, bone broth protein might have quite a large following for the simple reason that most people are already familiar with the traditional folklore around it.

Many doctors and holistic practitioners have been recommending chicken broth made from bones for people with various ailments, including fever, and gut problems for a long time, so its about time for a product of this nature to arrive on the scene.

Now, while people in some cultures might have no problem in preparing bone broth in the traditional way, we live in a fast paced society where speed is of the essence. Many people would really love to experience the benefits without having to do it themselves.

Before bone broth protein came on the market, to get the full benefits you would have to get into the kitchen and cook up a storm. This could take some doing, and could take a day or two to get it right. Now if you were paying close attention when your grandmother use to make it, you may have the knack for it, if you have the time.

But what if you don’t know how to do it, you don’t have the time, or you just don’t want to be bothered with all that… no problem, just stock up on bone broth protein powder and experience what others are getting excited about, without the hassle.


The science to back up much of the claims and folklore stories are gradually coming to the surface, but in the meantime adding bone broth protein to your daily regimen might be a good thing. Based on the many testimonials from ordinary people and health professionals alike bone broth protein seems to be catching on in a very big.